A Quick Word About Vibration & Superfoods…

When in its natural state, food has a measurement of electrical energy that is present in all-natural living things. This bioelectricity found in living things is measured in hertz. Processed foods, genetically modified foods, and canned foods have zero bioelectricity. Whereas fresh produce and fresh herbs carry bioelectrical charges of up to 15 hertz for produce and anywhere from 12-27 hertz for herbs. These foods tend to be alkaline in nature and the energy of these foods can increase your bioelectrical output otherwise known as your life force.  

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Superfoods are an antioxidant rich food that provide many benefits. Antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C are just two of the immune boosting components found in superfoods. Superfoods fight free radicals and oxidative stress that may cause disease in some. There are other important vitamins also found in these wonderful high vibration foods like vitamin B6, potassium, and much more. Superfoods that are also high in fiber which regulates our digestive system, making us feel fuller longer thereby helping us maintain a healthy body weight.

What Scientists Say…

Researchers have studied and are continuing to study different foods as means to treating dis-ease and the brightly colored fruits and vegetables are high on the list to be studied. The color is due to anthocyanins and are a type of flavonoid. These flavonoids are stable and function as an anti-oxidant, anti-mutagen, anti-tumor, liver protective, hypoglycemic, and anti-inflammatory.

Based on the functions of the anthocyanins, it has been found that superfoods have the following nutritional benefits:

  • lowers cholesterol
  • lowers high blood sugar
  • fights heart disease
  • fights ocular degeneration
  • fights obesity
  • fights diabetes
  • promotes skin and hair health
  • promotes healthy lungs
  • boosts immunity

Finding information and products that you can trust can be very frustrating. Do your research and you will find that the investment in yourself is worth taking the time to get the best advice and products for you and your family.